There’s a bacteria party going on in your pet’s mouth and you’re not invited!

Teeth problems are by far the single most common condition we deal with in the practice. It is estimated that around 80% of pet’s have problems with their teeth but go undetected due to the fact that most owners never take a good look inside their pets mouth. If you did, you might get a shock!

Bad breath, discoloured teeth, red and irritated gums are all signs that your pet has problems with their teeth but what’s the cause? Bacteria!

Bacteria play a major role in the formation of plaque and bacteria. It makes a pig of itself feeding on left over bits of food in your pets mouth and when it makes friends with saliva in the channel between the tooth and the gum, plaque forms and builds up on the tooth. Over time the plaque hardens and becomes tartar.

These bacteria party so hard that they cause the gum and bony parts of the jaw to separate. This is when it turns into periodontal disease. Houston, we have a problem.

Without treatment, pockets of bacteria build up below the gums causing pockets of pus (imagine having pus in your mouth!). Pockets of pus can appear on the gum line separating the tooth from the gum further. This makes the problem worse as it allows even more food and bacteria to build up and it’ll just keep going worse and worse if you don’t stop it!

If bacteria and pus wasn’t enough to put you off. Diseased teeth can also cause a lot of health problems for your pet. Weakened gums allow bacteria to cross into the bloodstream and where does the bloodstream pass? Through vital organs! You now have bacteria partying on your pets vital organs like the heart, liver and kidneys. Your pet needs these organs to work efficiently for survival but bacteria have other plans. It wants to damage your pet’s organs and you won’t even know it’s happening. It’s like an underground rave party!

The good news? You can shut these parties down by keeping your pet’s mouth and teeth clean and we’re here to help you do it. Take advantage of our free teeth assessments to make sure your pets mouth is healthy. It’s so important, please don’t overlook their oral hygiene. It’s never too late to start!