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Rabbath is an intimate dining experience.
Perfect for couples and small groups of up to four.

about us

Fine food, gracious hospitality, and a pioneering spirit. These are all aspects that we have taken from our cultural background to bring you one of the most unique experiences that you will encounter. We hope you enjoy your journey with us at Rabbath.


Our aim is to dazzle you with our authentic dishes using recipes which have been in our family for many many years. Each item on our dinner menu is designed for you to share with your family and friends to create the most enjoyable dining experience.


Did you know that all of our wines have all been carefully selected to ensure a delightful and unique pairing with our cuisine? As our menu is based on green leafy herbs, garlic, lemon and earthy spices the choices we made were to balance the cuisine’s ‘high tones’ and ‘low tones’. That’s why you can’t go wrong with your choice of wine at Rabbath. 


Welcome to our unique cocktail list.
Each cocktail has its own story and therefore will evoke a different emotion. In Italian culture, the name of a Barista is one who can make cocktails and coffee to the same level of high competency and passion.


At Rabbath, we believe coffee should be a centrepiece at the bistro. Whether you like our traditional Lebanese-style coffee from our old-World copper ‘finjan’, or from our modern La Marzocco barista espresso, you are guaranteed a coffee taste that is unparalleled in experience and emotion.

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Christmas / New Year Trading Times 
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Open 27th, 28th, 29th, 30th, 31st December
Closed 1st January
Re-open from 2nd January (as normal)

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